Home Alone Safety for Kids featured in Snap Brampton

Recently featured in Snap Brampton, sister program to the SOS First Aid, aimed for children aged 9 – 12 years old, the Home Alone Safety for Kids program was recently offered in Brampton covering topic areas that included fire safety, injury prevention and first aid. It also helped children with newer and more innovative solutions […]

Keeping Halton Region Safe with CPR / AED Training Support Videos

SOS First Aid is excited to share these Halton Region resources available for everyone online showcasing a series of CPR / AED Training videos that will help refresh your skills and knowledge already gained from our certified level CPR / AED Courses. Halton Region has developed a series of short videos that teach people in […]

Toronto pharmacist, cop save heart attack victim on trans-Pacific flight

Pharmacists in Ontario who give out vaccines must be certified with CPR training. Yet a Toronto pharmacist who practices in Oakville certainly didn’t realize his training requirement would have resulted in the need to save a passenger on an overnight trans-Pacific flight. With quick thinking and action, their training prepared them to provide continuous CPR (cardio […]

City of Hamilton leads on Anaphylaxis Program

City of Hamilton has taken First Aid Training for security guards to a whole new level with a new anaphylaxis program. All security guards will be trained in the use of epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPen and Allerject) in addition to their emergency first aid course. Hamilton, Ontario malls will now stock an Epipen that can be […]