CPR and AED awareness event at Mississauga’s Celebration Square

On July 11, 2018, the City of Mississauga hosted a CPR awareness and family event referred to as #saugaCPR in partnership with Emergency Medical Services and the Canadian Red Cross at Celebration Square. This was a free family-friendly, community event intended to draw attention to the importance of learning Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. For 24 hours straight, the […]

Summer Safety Tips for Your Pets

As the warm weather arrives, pet owners are reminded to keep some summer safety tips in mind as we tend to spend more time outdoors with our furry housemates.  Long walks, a game of fetch or just relaxing by the pool are all activities we look forward to as summer approaches.  However, these summer time […]

Online Safety Training for Workers: Does your Workplace Comply?

Safety training for workers is mandatory. In accordance with the Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) and federal Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation, all Ontario employers are required to provide a safe workplace for all of its employees. This means employees must be trained on how to be safe on the job and receive training […]

High risk of burns in summer says Hamilton Hospital

The risk of serious burns increases as temperatures rise during the spring and summer. A Hamilton General Hospital blog says that many trauma cases are due to risky behaviour around campfires, brush fires and barbecues.  Another source of summer burn injuries is lightning, according to the blog. According to Natalie Hanna, burn clinician at the HGH burn unit, damage […]

Heat stroke can be life-threatening – do you know the signs?

With heat wave warnings in effect, rising temperatures and exposure to the heat and sun can lead to a heat related emergency. Prolonged exposure can increase the risk of dehydration and the potential for heat stroke which is the body’s inability to regulate its temperature.  The body overheats to a temperature of 40 C (104 […]

Can You Die From a Broken Heart?

Broken heart syndrome, also referred to as stressed-induced or Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is a real condition.  Symptoms are very similar to a heart attack but there is no evidence of blocked coronary arteries.  It is usually brought on by extreme emotional or physical stress, such as intense sadness, grief due to the loss of a loved […]

Text Neck Syndrome Becomes Far Too Common

Text Neck syndrome is defined as “a painful condition caused by contorting the neck to view the screen of a mobile phone or portable electronic device” which includes e-readers, laptops, etc.  The discomfort is not just limited to the neck but can also encompass headache, shoulder, back, arm and breathing issues. The human head weighs between 10-12lbs.  When the head is […]

New National Emergency Alert System to warn Canadians of Dangers

Emergency Management officials across the country are testing a new emergency alert system the week of May 7.  Millions of cellphones, tablets and other portable devices will be buzzing across the country to test the new public alert system. Test signals will be sent on May 7 to about a million mobile users in Ontario […]

Toronto Bystanders Give First Aid CPR to Yonge St. Tragedy Victims

On April 23, a monster driving a van jumped the curb on Toronto’s Yonge Street, leaving a trail of 10 dead and 16 injured people. It was a deliberate and incomprehensible act that sent bystanders into quick action to provide CPR and first aid and provide help where needed. Media interviewed many of the amazing […]

New SOS First Aid Training Centre in Hamilton, Ontario

SOS First Aid, award-winning Red Cross Training Partner, is expanding and opening a new safety training facility at 800 Queenston Rd in Stoney Creek, Ontario.  The facility will provide first aid and CPR training courses to people living in Hamilton and surrounding areas, including St. Catharines and Niagara.  SOS First Aid will be offering a […]