Course Information

Cargo operators know that properly securing cargo to a trailer is critical to their safe and profitable operation. This cargo securement course explains important ways:

  • to secure a load to prevent a load loss
  • on how to avoid trip delays
  • on how to minimize damage to cargo, vehicle and property,
  • to avoid increased insurance premiums
  • to avoid injury in support of the ministry of transportation safety standards

In Canada, the National Safety Code (NSC) Standard 10 details the rules for safely securing commercial vehicle loads. This standard ensures the safety of employees, drivers and the motoring public. Cargo carriers must ensure that any cargo they pull does not move, shift or spill onto roads. (as per Alberta Government 2014). It outlines the standards which can be adopted by the various Canadian jurisdictions.

The NSC Standard 10 rules state that:

“Cargo transported by a vehicle shall be contained, immobilized, or secured so that it cannot

  1. Leak, spill, blow off, fall from, fall through or otherwise be dislodged from the vehicle, or
  2. Shift upon or within the vehicle to such an extent that the vehicle’s stability or maneuverability is adversely affected.”

Modules Include

  • Module A: Importance of Load Securement
  • Module B: Legislation
  • Module C: Load Limits and Tiedowns
  • Module D: Load and Secure Cargo
  • Module E: Inspections
  • Module E: Commodities Securement Best Practices

Modules Details

Course Standards

Duration Time: Approximately 90 minutes

Passing Grade: Testing is conducted to evaluate the knowledge acquired in this online course. Students are provided three opportunities to achieve a passing grade of 80% or greater.

Certificate: Upon successful completion, a certificate of completion will be available for download and printing. You can access your certificate through your online account.

What Will I Learn?

  • Cargo securement requirements and load restrictions on heavy vehicles
  • About federal regulations and what they mean for drivers and carriers
  • How cargo securement affects CSA scores
  • Key concepts like working load limits and direct vs. indirect tiedowns securement devices
  • Cargo securement requirements to safely load and secure cargo
  • How to perform required (pre-trip and en route) flatbed and cargo inspections. i.e. dally vehicle inspection reports
  • Securing common commodities best practices

This Course is For

This online training course is intended for commercial drivers who pull a flatbed trailer or who requires the skills to properly secure cargo to a trailer.

System Requirements

This course is universally compatible on computers and mobile devices. The course is created using standards that will allow the online course to play on most internet capable devices with standard web browsing capabilities including smartphone and tablets.





  • 90 minutes on-demand (self-paced) course
  • Access on a computer and mobile device
  • Certificate of Completion

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