First Aid Interactive Trainer DVD


First Aid Interactive Trainer (FAIT) DVD is a collection of five emergency scenarios in which viewers interact and test their knowledge of injury prevention and first aid.  FAIT scenarios depict everyday accidents and medical emergencies in the workplace and at home for a more immediate feel and understanding of actual first aid situations.  Content is based on the curriculum and standards of certified first aid courses in Canada and the USA.  Scenarios cover inury awareness and prevention, universal precautions, directing bystanders, calling EMS/911, primary and secondary assessments, impaled objects, head injuries, bleeding, shock, heart attack, angina, cardiac arrest, stroke, hyperventilation, asthma, anaphylaxis, chemicals in the eye, diabetic emergencies, seizures, environmental emergencies and burns.

  • Reinforce and test knowledge of first aid and injury prevention
  • Practice critical decision-making or soft skills
  • Gain confidence to react appropriately in an emergency
  • Refresh knowledge and skills between certification courses
  • Great tool for first aid instructors and health and safety meetings