Become a Red Cross First Aid Instructor!

Red Cross First Aid Instructor

Become a Red Cross First Aid Instructor

Starting March 2017, SOS First Aid will offer Red Cross First Aid Instructor Training courses to interested individuals in Mississauga, Burlington and Oakville, Ontario. This is a 32 hour course where students learn how to teach core Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses. Becoming a first aid instructor can be a very rewarding and satisfying opportunity. If you are interested in becoming a Red Cross first aid instructor, please contact us at [email protected] or 905-844-9813.

A shorter instructor transfer course is also available to Individuals who are:

a) current First Aid or CPR Instructors with another recognized organization;
b) current Red Cross Swimming & Water Safety Instructors with Standard First Aid and CPR Level HCP;
c) former Red Cross First Aid Instructors(certification expired between 2 and 5 years);
d) teachers with an Education degree and current Standard First Aid and CPR Level HCP.

The instructor transfer option is a 16-hour course or self-study and 7-8.5-hour course.

There are many benefits to becoming a Red Cross Instructor, including:

• Teach others invaluable skills that can help save lives, shape behaviours, and promote a healthy and safe lifestyle
• Become part of a large national Instructor community
• Obtain certifications recognized across Canada
• Benefit from access to high-quality training content and course materials
• Open yourself to more opportunities—even employment or volunteering—with Red Cross

There are opportunities for employment throughout Canada for certified Red Cross Instructors. Red Cross Training Partners often seek knowledgeable and engaging instructors to join their teams. Red Cross Training Partners may be large or small businesses, community or municipal organizations, corporations, or other organizations that have an agreement with the Red Cross to deliver training in their community or to their employees.
Instructor opportunities are regularly posted on the Red Cross Instructor Network.

Completion Requirements

100% attendance, successful skills demonstration, complete practice teaching, and 80% min. passing grade on written exam.

Post-course Requirements

Students who successfully complete the First Aid instructor course will be required to shadow and complete a co-teach with an experienced Red Cross instructor.

3-year certification as Red Cross First Aid Instructor.


To remain current, instructors renew their certification every 3 years. legislation

Course Content

PART 1 – Information for the First Aid Instructor
> How people learn
> Instructional techniques
> Organizing courses
PART 2 – Specific Course Content
> First Aid, CPR, AED, Child Care, Marine Basic, and knowledge evaluation
Take-Home Materials
First Aid & CPR Instructor Manual
First Aid & CPR media presentation
First Aid & CPR Manual
CPR/AED Manual

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