SOS First Aid & Safety Training

As a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner and Affiliate of the Lifesaving Society, our instructors are fully qualified to teach First Aid & CPR, and can tailor each course based on class composition. Our First Aid & CPR programs support the WSIB Excellence Program first aid requirements and meet standards established by Federal Occupational Health and Safety Act and Ontario’s workplace safety and training regulations.

SOS First Aid make sure your Joint Health and Safety Committee is fully trained to meet guidelines set forth by the Ontario Ministry of Labour.

WSIB Excellence Program

Workplace injuries affect all business sectors, it’s not only in the high-risk industries such as construction and manufacturing.  In 2018, the WSIB reported that 74 people lost their lives at work and accepted over 64,000 claims related to time off work as a result of a workplace injury or disease.

What is the WSIB Excellence Program?

In Ontario, the newly launched Excellence program changes how WSIB works with employers to instill a company-wide culture of health and safety in order to develop a safer and prosperous province.

The goal of this program is to reward its safest employers and make available up to $250,0000 in rebates on an annual basis, with restrictions, to each of the current 300,000+ Ontario employers.  This incentive-based program is the first of its kind in Canada, replacing Safety Group, SCAP programs previously in place.  The program makes available $140 million is premium savings to Ontario employers.

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WSIB Requirement – Regulation 1101 

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) regulates workplace safety education in Ontario, and has set laws regarding first aid called Regulation 1101.

Per Regulation 1101: “All employers covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (the Act) are required to have first aid equipment, facilities, and trained personnel in all workplaces.”

View the full Regulation 1101 in PDF.

Canadian Centre of Occupational Health and Safety

By improving accessibility to information that will engage more people to identify hazards and risks in the workplace, we edge closer to realizing our vision of eliminating work-related illnesses and injuries. This body also oversees first aid requirements for the Canada Labour Code. Visit the CCOHS website.

Sheridan College Continuing Education

SOS First Aid is a preferred CPR and first aid training provider of Sheridan College Continuing Education.

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