We offer online Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) courses and a custom-designed compliance management software platform that helps companies to mitigate risk and to ensure workplace e-compliance and accountability.

SOS First Aid and Safety Training’s robust software offers the:

  • Largest Library of Online Health and Safety Courses in Canada
  • Most Government Approved and Industry Supported Courses in Canada
  • Most Cost Effective and Advanced Modular EHS Software in the industry

EHS Software – A Learning Management System (LMS) for Health and Safety Compliance Management

Easy to Implement, Cost Effective, Customized to your Needs

Are you looking for…

A safety management system that can be used by your company in weeks, not months or years?

A practical and intuitive online application to easily administer, manage, track and report on training activities across your organization?

An automated system to manage and coordinate your students, instructors, in-class and online courses?

A centralized and easy way to review all your employees’ historical training tickets?

An automated way to create digital, site inspection and competency validation forms?

A simple way to management your heavy equipment/fleet and to schedule their preventative maintenance?

SOS First Aid and Safety Training offers leading-edge (high performance) occupational health and safety (OHS) management software that meets these workplace regulatory requirements. Regardless of the industry, our Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to help companies with the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of all aspects of their environmental, health and safety programs. Our solutions will satisfy your company’s health and safety regulatory and incident management needs and ensure the safety of your employees.

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Our LMS is built for health and safety, enterprise ready, yet easy to use and implement.

As part of SOS’s comprehensive EHS software suite uses a technology foundation is based built on an enterprise-level LMS that includes:

  • a robust web based exam engine
  • SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compatibility
  • an integrated eCommerce store, and
  • a course permission management system

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What really sets SOS apart from traditional LMSs is that SOS has designed a comprehensive safety management system that is practical, intuitive and easy to use. Use for companies with strong safety training needs, making. SOS has built the perfect, customizable solution to meet a perfect fit for any all aspects of your company’s safety requirements.

Online Health and Safety Training – 700+ Online E-Learning Courses for every industry

We have created a one-stop-shop for online safety training programs, covering a wide range of topics that meet all of your health and safety needs.

Advantages of Online Safety Training?

  • Printable certificates from anywhere. Save on costs!
  • A Flexible training approach with no scheduling required. Self-paced, convenient training from anywhere with an internet connection!
  • Track your courses for free using an easy to use course tracking system!
  • Group Accounts simplify the reporting and monitoring process and include no setup fee, no monthly fees and free reporting. Workplace compliance made easy!


Advanced Modules

Training Record Management

The training record management system is very scalable. Thousands of classroom and online training records can be uploaded, including images of certificates. Once information is loaded in the system, records can be efficiently managed and notifications can be automatically issued when certifications are coming up for renewal.

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Training Matrix

With an integrated training matrix, you can manage all your employees’ training requirements. The matrix will identify and summarize training gaps, notify employees of company approved, scheduled classroom training, and assign online courses to employees.

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Classroom Calendar

There are two ways to manage classroom calendars. This feature allows you to manage your classrooms, instructors, and students across many locations and multiple training courses. It also allows your students to access your calendar online through the internet or a designated website where they can register for company-specific training classes. This convenient scheduling feature saves you time and administrative costs.

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Learning Management System

Our LMS can load popular course types, such as SCORM 1.2 and 2004, and also HTML5, JPEG, MP4 and PDF formats. You can also load certificates and supporting print materials to each course, which can be made available for each course based on simple logic rules. An example of a logic rule is to only present a certificate to the student after the student achieves the pass mark, which is calculated by our built-in exam engine.

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Digital Forms & Assessments

Within the system, administrators can digitally re-create almost any company form and share it within their company. These forms are easily integrated into the system’s workflow engine. As an example, a competency validation form can integrate directly into an online course. Once the student completes the online theory portion of the course, the form is sent to their supervisor to perform a competency validation part of the training. These two parts of the course can then be combined to release a course certificate once the competency portion of the training is completed.

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Course Library

With this system, you can access training from our centralized network of training providers. Access about a thousand online health and safety courses from leading safety training organizations.

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Additional EHS Software Features & Functionality

Document Management

Our software includes a document management feature that allows administrators to load, review and monitor employee documents. Employee documents can include performance assessments, competency validation forms, annual reviews and other required forms.

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Driver Management

Driver management is easy to setup with our web-based tracking system. Commercial driver information such as licence details, traffic violations, DOT certification, medical certificates, and more, easily loaded and tracked in our system.

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Role Management

The company system administrator can control the level of access to company settings, system features, and other accounts by assigning security clearance levels to each user role.

Virtual Proctoring

With our virtual proctoring feature, students must allow their device’s webcam to capture an image of their government-issued identification, as well as an online recording as they complete their training. This ensures the completion of the online course is done with integrity.

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Exam Engine

Our system includes an exam engine that allows you to custom-design exams for specific courses. You can use built-in evaluation tools to create your own pool of questions or re-create an evaluation by randomizing the order of questions and answers.

Survey Tool

With our survey feature, you can quickly and easily survey information from the students upon course completion and report on the results.

Custom Branding

We custom brand your EHS Software portal to conform with your company website branding, creating a seamless user experience for your employees.

Single Sign-On

Our solution uses the authentication process of your internal business systems to validate the user’s access to our system. Using the single sign-on (SSO) authentication process, this will simplify your employees’ login process. Once the employee logs into your own internal business system, they can then access our software directly without logging in again.

Application Programming Interface

With our built-in Application Programming Interface (API), this allows you to integrate your existing business systems (i.e. payroll, finance, HR) with our system to automatically synchronize employee and their related training information.

Automated Email Notifications

Our built-in email notification feature is a great way to alert employees of changes that affect them. For example, by logging into their profile, employees will know which courses to take, be able to reset their password, and know when any of their course certificates are about to expire.

Course Code

Administrators can easily create, track, and distribute course codes for a number of users to access a course regardless of whether there is an online account.

Search Engine

It is easy to search for information within our system. System administration can perform searches by filtering many fields, such as first name, last name, username, email address, course code, company name – just to name a few.

Reward Tracking

Our system also manages and tracks internal company reward systems using an online capability to update reward points for employees.

Folder Technology

Our folder management capability allows you to capture your company’s policies and procedures for one-stop easy access. This includes digital sign off, affirmation statements and digital signatures.

Key System Attributes


We use Mission Critical Cloud technology from PEER 1. Our clients’ information is protected with HTTPS encryption, dedicated firewalls, virus protection and additional services.

Cloud Based

Our solution utilizes cloud storage. This enables us to respond to our client’s growing system demands which allows us to scale quickly to support a high volume of new users with short notice.


Our software and data reside in Canada and is subject to Canadian privacy requirements and avoid privacy issues that may arise from the US Patriot Act.

Excel Compatible

Importing records into our system is quick and easy. Using Microsoft Excel formatted templates, you can create thousands of user accounts, load classroom and online training records and create training reports in a matter of minutes.

SCORM Compliant

You also have the ability to publish your own training materials and make them available to your employees with our system. We leverage rapid elearning authoring tools such as Articulate, Lectora, Captivate, and Storyline, enabling you to create, publish and load, into our system, your own training courses in SCORM 1.2 or 2004 formats.


Our system currently is available in English, French, Spanish, and German.

Encryption Key Technology

Our technology solution supports a number of encryption tools that protect documents, digital forms, and personal information to ensure corporate privacy policies are enforced utilizing a secure 4-6-digit encryption key.

Technical Support

Our team provides unlimited technical support by email or phone for all our customers. Our goal is to ensure our customers leverage maximum value from our services which is one of our key company principles.

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