What does COVID-19 (Coronavirus) mean for First Aid Training?

To ensure social distancing and compliance with Ontario and Canadian guidelines regarding COVID-19, the Workers Safety Insurance Bureau (WSIB) has advised all First Aid providers to suspend in-person courses temporarily. People who require recertification for first aid need not worry. The WSIB has put workers and businesses at ease by providing a 90-day extension for […]

Where can I find a first aid or CPR course near me?

Where can I find a first aid course near me? If you are looking to join a public CPR or first aid with CPR course in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga or Brampton, SOS First Aid and Safety Training has programs near you. With 7 convenient locations, we provide training that meets school and workplace requirements […]

What is the difference between CPR A, CPR C and CPR BLS?

Which CPR level is right for me? We are often asked about the differences between CPR A, CPR C and CPR BLS. There’s a lot of confusion about the certifications and who should be certified in which level. Hopefully we can shed some light here so that you can chose the right CPR level to […]

What is Basic Life Support or BLS certification and recertification?

Basic Life Support or BLS refers to the CPR certification required by most healthcare providers and first responders like paramedics, firefighters and nurses. This training prepares participants to work in high-performance teams and provide high-quailty cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with fewer interruptions. BLS provides a higher level of care to patients in cardiac arrest with the […]

How Workplace Safety Training Can Benefit Your Employees

It is common knowledge that the most valuable asset of a business is its human resources. Whether or not you will meet your financial objectives depends mostly on your staff personnel and how much effort they are putting into their tasks at work. As a manager or business owner, you should aim at ensuring comfortable […]

Burlington takes top spot as best community in Canada

Burlington was voted 2019’s best community in Canada. Macleans magazine looked at data from communities across Canada to determine which cities and towns offer the best quality of life. Ten categories were used to rank the individual communities: wealth and economy affordability health climate crime commute taxes demographics culture community amenities Grimsby held the second […]

How to Help Someone Experiencing an Asthma Attack

How to Respond to an Asthma Attack A lot of people know someone who has asthma but many of us don’t know exactly what to do when they suffer an attack right before us and they are struggling to breathe. How you react to such situations can have a huge impact on the victim’s health […]

First Aid following a ski accident

What you Should do When you Have an Accident When Skiing

First Aid Following a Skiing Accident Skiing is a lot of fun and it makes for a great outdoor activity. Families can head out for a skiing trip during the holidays as a way of bonding and spending time together. Love birds can also use the trip to connect and get to know each other […]

Why are Commercial Drivers’ Hours of Service Important?

What You Need to Know about Commercial Drivers’ Hours of Service? Following the government’s hours of service (HOS) regulations is a must for every commercial driver in North America.  Specific rules will vary in Canada and in the US; however, these rules must be followed in the respective country regardless of the carrier’s or driver’s […]

Use FAST for quick stroke recognition

How to Help Someone Who is Having a Stroke

What You Should Do in the Event of a Stroke A stroke is a medical emergency characterized by an attack on the brain. It happens when blood flow to the brain gets interrupted by a clot or when blood vessels in the brain bleed resulting in the damage or death of brain cells. The symptoms […]