New SOS First Aid Training Centre in Hamilton, Ontario

SOS First Aid, award-winning Red Cross Training Partner, is expanding and opening a new safety training facility at 800 Queenston Rd in Stoney Creek, Ontario.  The facility will provide first aid and CPR training courses to people living in Hamilton and surrounding areas, including St. Catharines and Niagara.  SOS First Aid will be offering a […]

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Emergency SOS Feature in iPhone Triggers Discreet Call to 911

Did you know that iPhones have a feature that can trigger a call to 911 or Emergency Medical Services by using a shortcut? I certainly didn’t until I read about this feature in a mom’s Facebook chat.  If you’re ever in a situation where you need to contact 911 or Emergency Medical Services, press the […]

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It’s the Law: Move Over for Emergency Vehicles and Tow Trucks

Throughout the summer in Ontario, people hit the roads on Fridays, particularly for long weekend getaways to the cottage or other vacation destinations.  Ontario Provincial Police are out in full force warning drivers to keep their eyes on the road and to stay safe when behind the wheel. One of the things police are going […]

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Oakville Moms Overcome the “Bystander Effect”

In an online Oakville Mommies’ chat, a mom expressed profound disappointment that no bystander had stopped to help her 15year-old son. He had suffered injuries after falling off his skateboard. His chin was bleeding heavily, he had broken his elbow and he was trying to wave down cars on a major street in Oakville, but […]

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Kids with Deadly Allergies at Risk in Montreal Schools

A recent and controversial decision by Quebec’s largest school board, Commission Scolaire de Montreal, poses risks to children with anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. The board says that parents should have the right to determine their children’s dietary needs and that schools cannot prohibit certain foods or confiscate a child’s lunch. The controversial decision […]

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Weekend Drowning in Hamilton is Reminder of Dangers of Ice Fishing

The Hamilton Spectator reported on the tragic death of a grandfather who drowned after he saved his grandson first. They fell through the ice during the Family Day weekend while fishing at a conservation area in Hamilton. This tragedy is a reminder that activities on ice can be very dangerous, especially when temperatures begjn to […]

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Become a Red Cross First Aid Instructor!

Starting March 2017, SOS First Aid will offer Red Cross First Aid Instructor Training courses to interested individuals in Mississauga, Burlington and Oakville, Ontario. This is a 32 hour course where students learn how to teach core Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses. Becoming a first aid instructor can be a very rewarding and […]

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3 Reasons We Love Brampton Fortinos for First Aid Courses

At a first glance, holding a first aid and CPR course at a Brampton supermarket seems like an odd location. But on the contrary, this supermarket is the perfect place to run our WSIB approved Red Cross training classes. SOS First Aid runs courses 3 to 4 times per month at the Fortinos Supermarket at […]

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City of Hamilton facilities stocked with Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

All City of Hamilton properties will now be stocked with Epinephrine Auto-Injectors, commonly known as epi-pens, according to a November 15, 2016 report by CHCH. Epinephrine is an emergency medication used to treat anaphylaxis, a serious allergic reaction that can be life-threatening. Having these auto-injectors readily available will save lives and give many people who […]

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