Are you finding the new hire onboarding process inefficient and hard to manage?

Do you find your new-hires are frustrated or stressed over the onboarding process?

Are you having retention issues due to the onboarding process?

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Getting the best from your new employees starts with new-hire orientation. Online programming that is self-paced and convenient is an excellent approach to training new hires Our courses are easily accessible on mobile devices and computers with internet access.  This approach is proven to be very engaging and is creating a huge difference in the effectiveness of preliminary training.  This approach expedites the onboarding training process.  In addition, if necessary, you can use virtual proctoring to validate the online learner’s identity while providing the learner easy access to courses.

In addition to our own library of courses, organizations can also create their own online content for employee orientation purposes and include internal videos, policies, online presentations and quizzes or call our team to assist you.

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