Are you wasting time and energy manually tracking employee training records in Excel?

Do you have challenges consolidating the health and safety records of all your facilities, worksites and employees?

Are employees not being trained in a consistent, efficient and timely manner?

Is it difficult to stay on top of expiry dates and ensure employees’ certifications remain current and valid?

Are you able to quickly track and print training records when requested by management or authorities?

How can we help?

Our advanced, cloud-based Training Record Management System provides a centrally-managed portal that maintains, stores and retrieves all records with just a few short clicks. Our integration tool can easily and quickly upload and integrate your company’s Excel training records into one Safety Management System. Information can be easily accessed from anywhere by simply using your mobile device to view training records.  Email notifications conveniently alert management when employees’ certifications are about to expire. This convenient feature will prevent unnecessary problems with respect to having uncertified workers on job sites that lead to costly and embarrassing delays. to avoid them arriving on the job uncertified causing costly delays.

With our integrated training matrix tool, you can automate the assignment of training to employees based on their location and role. Managers can assign approved courses to each job description and location and the system automatically all employees can access their own required training details, regardless of whether training is online or in a classroom setting.

Many organizations are wasting time manually tracking down employee training records, especially if these records and certificates are stored in different locations.

Our online training records management feature can track and manage training records and certificates for all online and in-class courses completed through our EHS Software. To get started, using the Excel import process, you can create hundreds of user accounts and thousands of training records in minutes. The information can be organized in many ways to meet specific review and reporting needs. Training certificates can also be imported for each employee training record.

Our intuitive employee training matrix management capability allows can easily customize the training requirements for each role and the location in your company. By simply adding a list of unique company roles (e.g. electrician) and a list of required training topics (e.g. WHMIS and Working at Heights), the system will use this information to quickly create a staff training matrix. To assign training requirements to roles, simply click on the boxes where the role and required training intersect. It’s that simple!

You can set training requirements by role and by location/region as well.  For instance, you can set and manage drivers in one location who require long haul training as part of their job, drivers located in other locations will not have long haul training as part of their job requirement.

You will also have the ability to manage training courses and providers that meet the company approved requirements for the training.  For example, in the system you would enter the training topic (e.g. First Aid) then choose which is the approved training provider (e.g. SOS First Aid Inc.) and format (e.g. classroom or blended) that will be accepted by your company.

Our cloud-based training record management system software will also automate notifications alerting employees, managers, and system administrators of expiring certificates. This way, the appropriate employee in each department, region, or location understands the terms of compliance for their training requirements.

Once the required training is assigned to all employees, it is very important to follow up to ensure that training was actually completed and meets corporate and regulatory requirements. By reviewing an up to the minute training gap analysis report, this will identify which individuals are current where the compliance gaps are.

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