Do you find managing and tracking employee training records overwhelming and time-consuming? Does it require a large investment of time and effort?

Do you find that your current employee safety training control processes leave room for human error and typically requires manual verification?

How can we help?

Our EHS Software’s training matrix capability is at the heart of the Training Record Management System (TRMS). The system is user-friendly and simple to use:  company staff can automate training renewal notifications and define training requirements for each specific role within your organization. An intuitive map clearly displays all requirements by role across the entire organization in an easy to read, easy to analyze matrix.

Let us show you how easy our system is.

Where to begin?

  • First create a corporate training matrix by entering employee roles and training topics.
  • Then you must assign specific learning requirements by role, such as assigning Standard First Aid requirement to each supervisor role. You can also control employee training and development requirements based on the geographic location of employees to account for regional differences in safety regulations.
  • Once this capability is set up, the system will automatically deliver specified training requirements to each employee based on their unique role and

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