Are you double booking classrooms and instructors?

Are you having difficulty controlling and organizing your training management needs?

Is it cumbersome to schedule or register for a course?

How can we help?

Take better control of your classroom-based training using an easy-to-use, yet powerful online calendar tool that can manage hundreds of instructors, classroom bookings and setup, and courses across multiple training locations.

  • Classroom Management: No more double booking a classroom, instructor, or trainee again. Also set up classrooms and seamlessly link the location to Google maps and classroom logistics.
  • Instructor Management: Better manage the instructors and the courses they are teaching and immediately see their availability to teach. Also, dramatically reduce administration via self-registration and automated notifications.
  • Course Management: Instantly schedule training events at the click of a mouse onto the calendar.
  • Registration Management: Register students on your website or upload information from Excel. Wait listing functionality is available to ensure students don’t miss a training opportunity due to cancellations.
  • Course Asset Management: Whether the course is with an instructor, in a classroom, or at a customer site, manage the inventory for student workbooks, tablets, or gear across your company.
  • Interactive Instructor Dashboard: Enable your instructors to easily include course assets from their dashboard to instantly play videos and PowerPoints for the students on their tablets

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