Do you spend a lot of your time completing hundreds or thousands of paper-based forms for your employees?

Does this create an administrative challenge?

We have a better way to manage forms.

We offer an easy way for you to customize safety training forms and assessments to meet your unique requirements. Our intuitive tool includes an advanced dynamic form builder that uses a simple drag-and-drop technique, allowing companies to build and self-administer thousands of online safety forms. The forms fields include checkboxes, dropdown list boxes, date and time stamps and Likert scales, as well as open text fields and electronic signatures. Images and videos can also be attached to the forms to provide additional information to those completing the form.

Your employees can complete forms on any smartphone or tablet through a fully secure and responsive application that instantly tracks data. As the safety training form is completed, the employee can upload images, notes, and videos into the forms directly from their mobile device. All forms can then be viewed online and printed in a .pdf format. Trending information using this data can also be exported into Excel.

Hundreds of customized forms can be created to include:

Easily design digital forms that meets your company’s needs. Add logic rules to each form using a checkbox and drop-down menu and depending on the answer selected this will dynamically reveal or hide other form fields. Forms can also work in conjunction with the Training Matrix to automatically add required training to employee accounts based on the selected fields.

Behavior-based Safety Observation Forms

Behavior-based safety is one of the most powerful tools for reducing injuries and accidents within the workplace. An important part of behaviour-based safety is observation forms that can be used to identify at-risk behaviours. With the forms and assessments builder, you can create and complete these observation forms on demand. Employees will have the option to include detailed notes, comments, and suggestions. Managers can then access completed forms and trending data to identify at-risk behaviours and work to reduce them.

Equipment Management

Integrated with our Equipment Management feature, online equipment maintenance forms allow operators and mechanics to complete inspections, maintenance, repairs, and logs in the field, then instantly upload the completed forms into the system. With multimedia integration, personnel can take pictures of equipment damage and upload the images directly into the form, giving you detailed and accurate reports to improve your preventative maintenance processes.

Performance Assessments

Online assessments mean you can use company tablets to complete annual assessments, performance reviews, coaching evaluations, and even new hire on-boarding checklists. All forms are then stored in the cloud and are accessible on demand to those with the right security clearance. Once accessed, the results of annual assessments can help you track performance and create performance goals for the company as a whole or for each department or individual employee

Once uploaded, your designated admin and qualified personnel will be notified and can change the status of the equipment accordingly. Using advanced notification technology, you can set how frequently each form must be completed and have automated notifications send to specified personnel near the due date. You can even program escalating notifications for outstanding and overdue forms to ensure your maintenance processes remain on schedule.

Hazard Assessment Forms

With online hazard assessment forms, your employees can use their smart phones to complete assessments and include pictures, notes, and videos of potential hazards. Completed forms can then be instantly stored and accessed on demand with real-time alerts if attention is required from another department.

Competency Validation

Moving competency validation online allows you to digitally track employee competency in key tasks for any job, including safety inspections or the use of fall protection equipment. You can even upload tutorial notes and videos to train inspectors on how to properly perform a competency validation assessment. Having all of this online means quick access to reporting and the ability to see aggregate data across a specific department or entire organization.

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