Do you find it difficult to manage your equipment or vehicle assets?

Is it challenging meeting your requirements when physical manuals, inspection forms, log books, and other important equipment forms, and related reports are filed or kept in different company locations with different staff?

Do you use archaic or manual equipment management processes that involve high administrative costs?

Are there higher than normal occurrences of important documents being lost, misplaced or ruined?

Do you find it a challenge to practice due diligence? Do you have difficulty accessing current equipment reports to ensure their reliability and accuracy?

How can we help?

Whether you are managing a plant with heavy construction equipment or a fleet of vehicles, processes need to be organized and managed in one convenient place. In order to practice due diligence, equipment management reports should be easily available, and consistently monitored to ensure the information is reliable and accurate.

Our equipment management feature includes:

  •  Tracking of hours of operation and mileage
  • Assignment of qualified Personnel with each piece of equipment
  • Creation and distribution of digital forms to meet your unique needs
  • Flexible reporting and analytics

Our online equipment management feature simplifies the management process by having all relevant data in one easy-to-access place. With minimal administrative setup, this information can be accessed by management staff and operators with informative and insightful reports.

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