Safe Cargo Securement Best Practices

The other day I was travelling on the highway, and I happened to pass a vehicle parked on the shoulder, that had been carrying a load of wooden planks. There were several men scrambling all over the vehicle, attempting to gather planks that had fallen off, so that they could re-secure them to the truck. […]

What is a Telehandler and how to choose the right one for your job

The Telehandler: One Tool for All Jobs Picking the right tool for a project can often be a difficult decision, and in many cases, it seems impossible to settle on just one. This can often be caused by uncertainty regarding the potential applications of various choices. However, safety concerns also play a large part in […]

The 7 “Must-Knows” when selecting an Aerial Lift for your Worksite

An aerial lift is an aerial work platform equipment, also called an elevated work platform, used to complete tasks at an elevation much safer and more efficient. Aerial lifts (i.e. a boom lift or scissor lift) are commonly used on construction job sites, in the agricultural industry, for inspection purposes, athletic events, and repair services […]

A medical emergency struck our family during COVID-19. Here’s our experience.

My 82 year old Mother-in-law had a medical emergency during week 2 of COVID-19. A trip to Emergency at Mississauga’s Credit Valley hospital had us worried about her, fearful of being near people who had contracted the Coronavirus, and exposing her and us to the disease. We read the headlines (probably too much) and watch […]

What does COVID-19 (Coronavirus) mean for First Aid Training?

To ensure social distancing and compliance with Ontario and Canadian guidelines regarding COVID-19, the Workers Safety Insurance Bureau (WSIB) has advised all First Aid providers to suspend in-person courses temporarily. People who require recertification for first aid need not worry. The WSIB has put workers and businesses at ease by providing a 90-day extension for […]

Where can I find a first aid or CPR course near me?

Where can I find a first aid course near me? If you are looking to join a public CPR or first aid with CPR course in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga or Brampton, SOS First Aid and Safety Training has programs near you. With 7 convenient locations, we provide training that meets school and workplace requirements […]

What is the difference between CPR A, CPR C and CPR BLS?

Which CPR level is right for me? Many heathcare students will be heading out for clinicals this spring and they will need to get the right CPR certification for the job. Here’s what students (including nursing, personal support workers, medicine and other healthcare) need to know to select the best CPR course. We are often […]

What is Basic Life Support or BLS certification and recertification?

Basic Life Support or BLS refers to the CPR certification required by most healthcare providers and first responders like paramedics, firefighters and nurses. This training prepares participants to work in high-performance teams and provide high-quailty cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with fewer interruptions. BLS provides a higher level of care to patients in cardiac arrest with the […]

How Workplace Safety Training Can Benefit Your Employees

It is common knowledge that the most valuable asset of a business is its human resources. Whether or not you will meet your financial objectives depends mostly on your staff personnel and how much effort they are putting into their tasks at work. As a manager or business owner, you should aim at ensuring comfortable […]

Burlington takes top spot as best community in Canada

Burlington was voted 2019’s best community in Canada. Macleans magazine looked at data from communities across Canada to determine which cities and towns offer the best quality of life. Ten categories were used to rank the individual communities: wealth and economy affordability health climate crime commute taxes demographics culture community amenities Grimsby held the second […]