City of Hamilton leads on Anaphylaxis Program

City of Hamilton has taken First Aid Training for security guards to a whole new level with a new anaphylaxis program. All security guards will be trained in the use of epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPen and Allerject) in addition to their emergency first aid course.

Hamilton, Ontario malls will now stock an Epipen that can be used on anyone suffering from an allergic reaction — if they do not know they have an allergy or may need an extra dose from an EpiPen.

This new program was initiated in order to prevent deaths from an anaphylactic reaction.

Here is a copy of the newsletter we received about the new program:

Subject: First Stock Epinephrine Program Launches at Jackson Square Mall, Hamilton

A unique initiative is being launched in Hamilton, Ontario today to examine the effects of stocking epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPen® and Allerject™) at Jackson Square shopping mall.

The pilot project, spearheaded by the City of Hamilton, involves McMaster University, Anaphylaxis Canada, First Real Properties Limited, which manages Jackson Square and their security staff, and the Rotary Club of Ancaster AM. The project was inspired by the tragic death of Maia Gallo, a 12 year-old girl who succumbed to a likely anaphylactic reaction after consuming an ice cream cone purchased at a mall in Burlington, Ontario in 2013.

Anaphylaxis Canada, contracted by the City of Hamilton, has developed a training program for mall security guards and senior staff in food courts and restaurants. The guards at Jackson Square have been taught to recognize the symptoms and signs of an allergic reaction and how to give epinephrine using “stock” or “undesignated” epinephrine auto-injectors. These devices are not prescribed for a particular person and may be used in an emergency to help individuals who are having an allergic reaction, who may not have their own device, or who may require an additional dose.

We are very pleased to be working with leaders from the Hamilton community on this important initiative, which will help to raise public awareness about food allergies/anaphylaxis.

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