5 Reasons Why You Need To Learn First Aid

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The Benefits of Learning First Aid

First aid saves lives. This is one thing we are all aware of but quite worryingly, 8 parents out of 10 admit that they don’t know the basic first aid procedures needed to save the lives of their children in case something bad happens.

With children exposed to all manner of dangers such as cuts, falls, electric shocks, and burns as a result of their playful nature, it is quite alarming that most parents wouldn’t know what to do when such hazards befall their kids. Most parents live in the hope that such accidents will not happen to them or their kids but the reality is that medical emergencies are not that far off where kids are involved.

It is, therefore, imperative that parents find the time to learn Standard First Aid so as to be able to offer the right medical response when an emergency strikes. Here are some of the reasons why you need to do that.

To Save a Life

First aid could be the difference between life and losing those you love. Statistics from the Red Cross indicate that about 60% of deaths from injuries could be prevented had first aid been offered before emergency services arrived at the scene.

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Emergency services can delay arriving at the scene of an accident as a result of different factors such as traffic snarl-ups and first aid offered to the victims could be what is needed to keep the injured person holding on till they arrive.

It Reduces Recovery Time

First aid offered promptly and in the right manner helps reduce the amount of time one needs to recover after an accident. It also reduces the likelihood of one suffering permanent disability following an accident.

It Prevents Medical Situations from Deteriorating

Understanding the basic first aid procedures can help prevent a medical emergency from getting worse. The victim of an accident could be choking on something he or she was chewing and with your knowledge of first aid, you will be able to check his or her airway and clear the obstruction.

An accident victim could be injured and bleeding profusely but with your first aid training, you will be able to stop the bleeding and prevent the situation from deteriorating any further.

It Reduces the Pain Experienced by the Casualty

An accident victim could be in a lot of pain but your knowledge of basic first aid procedures will allow you to stay calm and offer the casualty the needed emotional support which helps relieve the pain.

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You will also know how to move the victim and bandage up their injuries which greatly reduces the pain they are experiencing.

It Empowers You

Knowledge in first aid empowers you to act confidently and appropriately when an accident occurs. It makes you understand that it is important to act on life-saving injuries fast before you get to your phone and call for emergency services.

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