Online First Aid courses and WSIB requirements for Ontario Workplaces

All courses offered by SOS First Aid are provided by Red Cross Instructors and their content meets the Ontario’s WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) requirements for first aid training for the workplace. However, online first aid courses offered by other providers do not meet these requirements.
The WSIB First Aid Requirements state:
All employers covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act are required to have first aid equipment, facilities and trained personnel in all workplaces.

In Ontario, the WSIB requires workplaces with 6 or more staff to have a certified standard first aid trained member of staff, available at all times, in case of an emergency. Standard First Aid is a 13-16 hour training class. For smaller workplaces with fewer than 6 staff members, an emergency first aid certified staff member is acceptable. This training is 6.5 – 8 hours long. In addition the WSIB First Aid Requirements state:
Regulation 1101 requires all employers to ensure that first aid boxes and stations are in the charge of workers who hold valid first aid certificates issued by a training agency recognized by the Board.

The Canadian Red Cross, including their Training Partner, SOS First Aid and Safety Training, is a recognized training agency.

Recently a number of clients contacted SOS with questions about our courses in light of a Groupon advertisement offering an online only “Advanced” first aid course for $20 from another training company. While online only courses of this nature may be informative and educational, they do not meet these Ontario WSIB requirements for certification.

All our classes use audio visual aids, plus live demonstrations to ensure all students hear clear instructions and have an optimum opportunity to acquire all the skills required to provide good first aid in an emergency. Our instructors provide hands on instruction and constantly monitor students’ skills throughout the training day. Each student must demonstrate these skills correctly, plus write a written assessment and obtain a passing grade, to be issued a certificate.

Standalone CPR & AED certification classes focus on assessing the ill or injured person(s), cardiopulmonary resuscitation, AED operation, techniques for choking emergencies, circulatory emergencies and optimal recovery positioning. The Emergency First Aid class adds skills involved in treating, breathing emergencies, various wounds and sudden medical emergencies. In the Standard First Aid class we augment these skills, with bone/muscle/joint injury treatments such as splinting and making slings, plus students also learn about common environmental emergencies, poisoning and the skills needed to assist in their unique care.

Our HCP level certification is directed towards healthcare providers who work in an environment where they have access to more advanced medical equipment. Students in these classes learn additional hands on skills to relevant to those who work in healthcare environments.

Knowing what to do, and being able to do it, are two very different things. The WSIB provides a valuable standard that keeps our work environment safe. If you want to know more about WSIB Regulation 1101 click here
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