Alberta online safety training has many programs available to develop your skills and knowledge on health and safety in your workplace. The SOS First Aid and Safety Training online library has got various topics ready to explore. It’s one of the largest libraries in Canada!

Our library courses are organized in the following categories.

Rigging and Slinging


Every workplace requires some form of safety training. The extent of this training differs depending on the type of industry you work in, your role and job title. Keeping your employees safe at work is essential and with some simple online training you can rest easy that everyone has the knowledge needed a safe workplace. Some of our topics include biological and physical hazards to ground disturbance practices.

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Cargo Securement Course



Working with or around various equipment such as cranes and forklifts can be very dangerous. Ensure your employees are working safely with the equipment in their workplace by enabling to undertake our equipment training courses. They will improve their current knowledge base in operating the equipment and its contents.

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Marijuana in the Workplace


Raising awareness regarding challenging scenarios that occur in the workplace is essential. By completing our awareness courses you and your employees will understand how to manage these situations correctly which reduces anxiety. We’ve got a wide range of courses available including harassment and harassment prevention to accident investigations.

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Defensive Driving


Spending long periods of time driving can cause fatigue and increase other risk factors. If you drive a commercial vehicle then we would advise you to take our driving courses. Many of our courses are not specifically aimed at commercial drivers but to anyone behind the wheel. Take responsibility of your safety and brush up on some driving safety knowledge. Some of our courses cover fatigue and stress management, hours of service and winter driving.

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Confined Space Entry & Monitor

Soft Skills

Empower your employees and allow them the oppertunity to develop their talents and skills. They’ll learn new skills whilst improving on their current ones. Once they’ve completed our soft skills courses they will be confident and ready to get your company to the top! Our soft skills courses provides personal development training. This will enable your employees to learn how to contribute and build a strong and efficient organization. Our courses cover many topics for everyone to complete including Respect in the Workplace and Team Building.

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If you work with electricity then you’ll benefit from checking out our courses covered by the electrical standards for the USA worker and the Canadian worker. Further your skills working around electricity and the hazards associated with this. Our courses cover all levels and cover all the necessary topics such as fatigue and stress.

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First Aid

Being a first responder is essential when working in the community. You’ll be able to help others who are facing challenges with their health and wellbeing. Learn how you can address these scenarios effectively and with confidence.



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Case Study on key benefits of online training – Suncor Energy

Key Benefits

  • Essential safety messages delivered effectively
  • If you have a learning disability or you speak English as a second language we have assistance available to help you with completing your training
  • Your site access badges will be prepared beforehand and ready to use
  • Saving you a massive $5 million-dollars
  • Benefit from a 2-month payback
  • You’ll get a return on investment larger than 100%

Advantages of Online Safety Training?

  • It a great way to save money. Print your certificates anywhere you want.
  • Complete your training where you feel comfortable and at your own pace. Online training enables you to be flexible with the time it takes you to complete it.
  • Makes your life easy using a free course tracking system!
  • The free Group Accounts aid you in reporting and monitoring the online courses being carried out.
  • We have so many courses that are approved, endorsed, and/or meet specific regulatory standards in Alberta.
  • ** You can see below in the Course Regulatory Endorsements and Approvals Section to find everything you need to know about these courses.

Course Regulatory Endorsements and Approvals

Many of our courses are audited, approved, endorsed, and/or meets specific industry regulatory standards. We’ve provided a list as follows.

The following courses are audited and/or approved by a number of government departments:

  • Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, including CPR and Automated Defibrillator
  • Defensive Driving — 3 Demerit Reduction Program
  • PDIC Condensed Defensive Driving Program

We have various courses that help meet legislative standards and/or national requirements:

  • Cargo securement, trip inspections, and weights and dimensions (Alberta Regulation WHMIS (Health Canada WHMIS regulations)
  • Electrical safety (CSA Z462 standards)

The following courses qualify for Continuing Education credits from the Engineering Institute (exempt Arc Flash Awareness):

  • WHMIS 2015 (GHS)
  • TDG (Part 6 of Transport Canada’s TDG regulations)
  • Hours of Service, both federal and provincial (Alberta)

These courses are audited and/or endorsed by independent industry agencies/departments in Alberta:

  • Ground Disturbance for Supervisors 201 (Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA))
    We have so many online courses available in our library. You will also find courses that are classed as awareness level courses. They are highly recommended by industry professionals even though they do not have any regulatory endorsements or approvals. Our awareness level courses are recognized as quality programs. We stay up to date and add new courses when necessary. Contact us with any queries in relation to the courses we have available.

Environmental, Health and Safety Software (EHS)

We have EHS software which enables simple and effective administration, auditing, tracking, delivery and reporting of their EHS programs within companies. You can customize our system to meet your companies needs. Implementation of this software is simple and saves you money.


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