Check out British Columbia online safety programs which are designed with you at the forefront of our mind. You will find a variety of topics that you need to know regarding health and safety. The SOS First Aid and Safety Training consists of the largest library of health and safety topics in Canada.



Our library courses are organized in the following categories.

Rigging and Slinging


Your industry will have its individual requirements in regards to your safety training, This will depend on your job title and what roles you have. It will also depend on the type of setting you’re working in. We provide safety courses to enable employees to stay in touch with current regulations and training in various topics from working with chemicals to working with electricity, and much more!

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Cargo Securement Course


If you are working with or around equipment it’s essential you understand how to stay safe. We can offer knowledge and understanding on how to operate the equipment and its components through our equipment courses. Whether you work with or around fire extinguishers or aerial lifts, your safety is a priority!

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Marijuana in the Workplace


Awareness courses allow you to learn more about topics which may occur in your workplace. By completing our awareness courses you will be able to recognize and manage difficult situations. Some subjects that we cover are environment management, driving and substance abuse. There are many other subjects to learn about.  

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Defensive Driving


Our driving courses cover everything you need to remind yourself of driving safely. These a particularly helpful for individuals who spend long periods of time driving, such as commercial drivers. However many of our driving courses can apply to anyone with a driver’s license. Some of our driving courses cover topics like winter driving, fatigue, defensive driving and safe backing.

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Confined Space Entry & Monitor

Soft Skills


We have soft skills courses to enable you to help your employees develop their skills further. This in turn enables your company to grow within its industry because you have strong, skillful employees with initiative contributing to your organization. We have courses for people at all levels and encourage them to undertake online personal development training as a positive use of their time.We cover many topics such as Team Building, Respect in the Workplace and many more.

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Our electrical courses are available to help you understand the hazards that can occur when working around electricity. The courses are available to individuals of all experience levels and cover the electrical standards for the USA worker and the Canadian worker. It’s important to understand how stress and fatigue can affect your work, especially when working in hazardous environments. We cover all of these topics in our electricity courses available online.  

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First Aid

You may be someone’s first port of call when working in the community. It’s important that you develop your first responder skills to ensure you are well equipped to help out if a difficult situation arises. This may be an individual suffering with mental health or physical health problems.

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Case Study on key benefits of online training – Suncor Energy

Key Benefits

  • Learn everything you need to know about current health and safety matters
  • Support is available if you have a learning disability or English is your second language
  • Get your site access badges ahead of time
  • You can save $5 million-dollars!
  • Enjoy a 2-month payback
  • It’s a great investment! You can achieve over 100% return

Advantages of Online Safety Training?

  • You achieve savings no end with the printable certificates! Print them anywhere you want.
  • Flexibility eases pressure and allows you to take more time understanding the content. You can do this training in your own time in an environment that suits you.
  • The course tracking system is free and enables you to stay organized.
  • Make your life easy with the group Accounts. Monitor and report everyone’s progress using this for absolutely no costs!
  • We have various courses approved, endorsed, and/or meet specific regulatory standards in British Columbia, Canada.
  • ** You can see below to find out more about these courses. Search in the Course Regulatory Endorsements and Approvals Section.

Course Regulatory Endorsements and Approvals

Here are the courses that are audited, approved, endorsed, and/or meets specific industry regulatory standards in British Columbia, Canada.

Current courses audited and/or approved by a number of government departments:

  • Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, including CPR and Automated Defibrillator
  • Defensive Driving — 3 Demerit Reduction Program
  • PDIC Condensed Defensive Driving Program

There are courses available that help meet legislative standards and/or national requirements:

  • Cargo securement, trip inspections, and weights and dimensions (Alberta Regulation WHMIS (Health Canada WHMIS regulations)
  • Electrical safety (CSA Z462 standards)

With Arc Flash Awareness aside, these courses qualify for Continuing Education credits from the Engineering Institute:

  • WHMIS 2015 (GHS)
  • TDG (Part 6 of Transport Canada’s TDG regulations)
  • Hours of Service, both federal and provincial (Alberta)

We provide courses which are audited and/or endorsed by independent industry agencies/departments:

  • Ground Disturbance for Supervisors 201 (Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA))
    Our library consists of various other online courses which are classed as awareness level courses. This means they  do not have any regulatory endorsements or approvals. Albeit they are considered to be quality programs and are highly recognized by industry professionals. These professionals encourage everyone to complete these courses to improve their safety awareness in their workplace. New courses will continue to appear in our library as the industry develops further. Contact us today if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Environmental, Health and Safety Software (EHS)

The EHS software is in place to enable an efficient system where administration, auditing, tracking, delivery and reporting of EHS programs runs smoothly. Our system is simple to customize to meet your expectations. It will save you money in addition to being user friendly.


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