Learn all you need to know about health and safety using SOS First Aid and Safety Training. We have the largest online library for health and safety in New Brunswick, Canada. You’ll find a huge array of topics that are bound to meet your requirements.

Our library courses are organized in the following categories.

Rigging and Slinging


Meet all of the safety training requirements which are individual to your industry. The requirements expected of you will vary depending on where you work, what you do and what your job title is. Use our safety courses to encourage your employees to keep up to date i topics relevant to their area of work.

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Cargo Securement Course


Staying safe is essential within a workplace. To ensure your employees safety use our equipment training course to provide relevant knowledge surrounding the operation of the equipment they use and its components. A few examples of dangerous equipment you may come across are scaffolds, cranes and fire extinguishers.

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Marijuana in the Workplace


Use our awareness course to ensure your employees understand difficult situations that can arise in the workplace and how they can manage these situations. By raising awareness you can provide a well informed and safe work environment. Some subjects within this course include harassment prevention, accident investigation, discrimination and much more.

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Defensive Driving


Learn how you can improve your safety when driving using the courses we’ve got available. This is ideal for commercial driver’s who spend long periods behind the wheel, however many of the courses can be applied to anyone who drives. The type of topics addressed are weights and dimensions regulations, hours of service and distracted driving. There are many more topics covered in the subject, check out what courses we’ve got available to learn how to improve your driving safety.

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Confined Space Entry & Monitor

Soft Skills

Help your employees grow and develop their skills. This will increase their confidence and benefit you as a company. Allow your employees to make use of their time by getting them involved with personal development training. They will learn everything they need to know to help them improve their skills and proactively contribute to your organization to ensure it’s performing at its best. Some of the subjects available in the soft skills course are Code of Conduct, Office Ergonomics and Workplace Bullying and Violence.

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Understanding the hazards associated with electricity is an essential requirement at a workplace to ensure your safety. These courses are designed for individuals of all levels and experience. Our courses are designed with you are the forefront of our mind and cover the electrical standards for the USA worker and the Canadian worker. We feel it’s important to cover topics in relation to stress and fatigue in relation to safely working with electricity.

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First Aid

Working in the community can put you in difficult situations. Develop your skills as a first responder to ensure you’re ready to face the issues you face. You can learn to address difficult challenges in relation to the mental health and wellbeing of others in a positive manner.

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Case Study on key benefits of online training – Suncor Energy

Key Benefits

  • Learning key messages in line with safety
  • Assistance for those who speak English as a second language or have a learning disability
  • The authorization for site access badges in advance
  • A huge $5 million-dollars in savings
  • You’ll get a 2-month payback
  • Get over 100% return on investment

Advantages of Online Safety Training?

  • Print your certificates anywhere and save money!
  • There’s no need to schedule your training, you can do it in your own time and at your own pace. It doesn’t matter where you do your training as long as you’ve got an internet connection.
  • The course tracking system is simple, free and convenient.
  • Use Group Accounts to provide a simple way of reporting and monitoring with no costs!
  • We offer loads of courses that are approved, endorsed, and/or meet specific regulatory standards.
  • **  See below to find out more about these courses in the Course Regulatory Endorsements and Approvals Section.

Course Regulatory Endorsements and Approvals

These courses are audited, approved, endorsed, and/or meets specific industry regulatory standards in New Brunswick.

We provide courses that are audited and/or approved by a number of government departments:

  • Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, including CPR and Automated Defibrillator
  • Defensive Driving — 3 Demerit Reduction Program
  • PDIC Condensed Defensive Driving Program

Some of our courses help meet legislative standards and/or national requirements:

  • Cargo securement, trip inspections, and weights and dimensions (Alberta Regulation WHMIS (Health Canada WHMIS regulations)
  • Electrical safety (CSA Z462 standards)

These courses qualify for Continuing Education credits from the Engineering Institute (excluding Arc Flash Awareness):

  • WHMIS 2015 (GHS)
  • TDG (Part 6 of Transport Canada’s TDG regulations)
  • Hours of Service, both federal and provincial (Alberta)

The following courses are audited and/or endorsed by independent industry agencies/departments:

  • Ground Disturbance for Supervisors 201 (Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA))

Our library includes more online courses which are considered awareness level courses. They are recognized as as quality programs but do not have regulatory endorsements or approvals. Our awareness level courses have been supported by industry professionals and are recommended to everyone. You’ll continue to find new courses available in our library as we progress with the industry. You can contact us with any further queries regarding the courses we’ve got available.

Environmental, Health and Safety Software (EHS)

By using EHS software we provide companies with support in areas such as administration, audits, tracking, delivery and reporting of their EHS programs. We pride ourselves on this simple yet effective system which saves money and time whilst confidently meeting your needs.


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